City Commuting? There’s a Tinker configuration for you.

With its distinctive design, relaxed and pleasant handling, and comfortable riding position this e-bike is ideal for everyday riding. While it doesn’t fold completely, the 20” wheels and adjustable handlebars make for easy storage and transport.

With the height and angle adjustable front end, the Tinker will fit riders between 4.11” – 6.5” making it the perfect bike for sharing with your family or friends. It features a relaxed adjustable handlebar height with ergo-grips for added comfort, ensuring your comfort until the battery runs out. The frame itself is so eye-catching and distinguishable, it really doesn’t need the Riese and Müller name or logo on it to be recognised for what it is. Cables are hidden to finish off the clean look of the frame.

Suspension forks will take the sting out of potholes on rougher roads. Hydraulic disc brakes inspire control whatever the weather and Enviolo continuous variable gears paired with the Gates carbon belt drive are the very height of simple and maintenance-free gear shifting.

The Bosch Performance Line motor with 65nm torque will power you up the steepest city roads.The

500wh capacity battery should comfortably accommodate all but the most challenging return trip commutes of up to 40 miles.

The Bosch Intuvia display comes with all your essential data fields.
Mudguards, pannier rack, coffee stop lock, puncture-proof tyres, and lighting are all included making it road ready from day one.