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Riese & Müller

The Riese & Müller brand is truly synonymous
with innovation and luxury.

The Riese & Müller brand is synonymous with innovation and luxury. It is a brand for discerning individuals for whom bikes play an important role in their lives. More than a bicycle manufacturer, they’re a company bringing a lifestyle to the world.

Established in 1993 by friends and inventors Markus Riese and Heiko Müller following their meeting as mechanical engineer students, Riese & Müller was launched into the spotlight with the creation of their full suspension folding bike, the Birdy. It is still present in the current line-up but is the only non-electric bicycle in the range.

While we carry some models on the shop floor, the typical approach to purchasing your Riese & Müller is to configure your dream bike from home or in-store with the help of one of our team and the use of our demo fleet. We will help you in selecting not only the size and colour but also the motor, gearing system, battery size, display choice, and accessories, including cargo boxes.

A particular focus of the brand has always been to bring full suspension to city riding. This ‘Control Technology’ maintains ground contact on poor roads and increases rider safety at high speeds, keeping the rider in full control. This concept is changing the perception that suspension is only necessary for mountain biking.
To really break the shackles of car ownership, Riese & Müller have produced a fantastic range of E-cargo bikes. Doing your weekly shop or dropping off the kids? Riese & Müller have the perfect e-cargo bike, whatever your needs.

Road Touring

Our Road Touring range is ideal for mixing city riding with bike touring. Tougher than a city bike, they’re perfectly at home on gravel as long as the surface doesn’t get too rough, but slicker and faster rolling than our Gravel/Touring options.

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Our Gravel/Touring range consists of our most versatile bikes, capable of confident riding on and off-road. They are bikes for weekday city centre commutes, followed by weekend countryside exploring and touring.

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Riding to work, running errands, your weekly shop, or simply getting around town sustainably? These reliable and stylish e-bikes are just what you need.

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Our cargo bikes easily adjust to different riders with height-adjustable saddles and stems. They accommodate heights of between 1.5 and 1.95 meters, making them a vehicle for shared use within a family or with work colleagues.

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