Change your life. Change the world.

We believe cycling will change your life. And we believe more people choosing cycling as their preferred mode of transport can change the world.

Endorphins will be flying and you‘ll feel the fittest you have in years. You’ll know you’re reducing your risk of obesity, cancer, heart disease and a bunch of other health afflictions, while getting out in the fresh air and seeing your local community in a new light. Perhaps that charity ride, park run, marathon or triathlon is back on the cards after all.

The sun is shining and you’re getting where you’re going door to door without worrying about parking, bus, or train timetables. If this happens to be to work, then you’re more alert, switched on and ready for the day than had you taken the car or public transport. Once you’re in the swing of things even a cooler morning, wind or rain won’t slow you down. Why did you ever think you needed a car?

Now you’re really flying. Social rides with clubs, friends and family, discovering new routes, destinations and cycle-friendly cafes for cake stops. Any cyclist will tell you a weekend spin and cake stop is essential for de-stressing after a hectic week.

Not only a convenient and healthy option, but you’re also saving money while doing your bit for the environment, reducing greenhouse gasses, noise pollution and your carbon footprint, in turn further improving your health. Road safety is improved by taking one more car off the road.

These aren’t hypothetical situations. We’ve lived them for twenty years.

And this is what we want to share with you. So, if you think cycling could change your life, and change your world, whether it be for riding to work, touring, exploring the countryside, or even transporting your weekly shop, get in touch or call by E-XPLORE and speak to one of our team today.