Riese and Müller Supercharger GT Rolhoff

Gravel/Touring, Road Touring or City Commuting, there’s a Supercharger configuration for you.

This stylish and practical E-bike gets you further, faster. With a capacity of 1,250wh of fully integrated battery, it covers seriously long trips without the need to carry your charger, or a weeks’ worth of commuting before needing a recharge.

This particular model has been configured with riders between 5.7” – 6.1” in mind and it features a relaxed adjustable handlebar height with ergo-grips for added comfort. Whether popping into town or heading out for a weeklong cycling tour, you’ll be able to comfortably maintain your riding position until the battery runs out. The frame itself is so eye-catching and distinguishable, it really doesn’t need the Riese and Müller name or logo on it to be recognised for what it is. Internally routed cables finish off the clean look of the frame.

Air sprung suspension with 100mm of travel allows for the perfect suspension feel set specifically to the rider and will take the edge off bumpy roads and trails. Four-piston braking gives even more confidence-inspiring control, and Rohloff E14 Electronic hub gears paired with the Gates carbon belt drive give you the ultimate holistic gearing system. Shifters communicate with the motor and the hub, and hubs will auto-shift down to a pre-set starting gear when stopped at the traffic lights.

Bosch’s Performance Line CX motor with 85nm of torque will handle athletic riding in the most challenging terrain.

The 1250wh capacity batteries are both integrated into the frame for epic cycling adventures.

The Bosch Nyon display sitting at the top of their range comes with a full-colour touch screen, and all the data you need including navigation.

Mudguards, pannier rack, front carrier coffee stop lock, puncture-proof tyres, suspension seat post and lighting are all included making it road/light trail-ready from day one.

Dual batteries offer 1125wh capacity for seriously long rides and reduce the toughest climbs opening previously unpassable routes.